Prevention of Unplanned Perioperative Hypothermia

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Year Produced: 2017
Length: 24 min.
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The purpose of this study guide and the accompanying video is to minimize the occurrence of unplanned hypothermia among patients during the perioperative period. This learning activity will focus on the identification of risk factors for unplanned hypothermia, utilization of best practices for temperature monitoring, and implementation of proactive measures to prevent hypothermia. Unplanned hypothermia is associated with adverse perioperative events, and minimizing its occurrence can improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

After completing this study guide and viewing the video, the perioperative registered nurse (RN) or interested health care provider should be able to:

  • Assess the bariatric patient for comorbidities
  • Recognize environmental and patient-related risk factors for unplanned perioperative hypothermia
  • Implement best clinical practices for monitoring patient temperature during the perioperative period
  • Use active and passive methods of patient warming during the perioperative period
  • Identify an example of a quality improvement initiative for decreasing the occurrence of unplanned hypothermia among patients undergoing surgical procedures