Processing Flexible Endoscopes

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Product ID: 1983
Year Produced: 2017
Length: 32 min.
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The purpose of this video is to educate perioperative nurses and other interested health care providers about evidence-based practices for processing reusable flexible endoscopes and their accessories. Also included in this study guide are recommendations for the design and construction of endoscopy suites; the control of the environment in which flexible endoscopes are used, stored, and cleaned; and the maintenance of records for traceability and for quality assurance measures.

Upon completion of this activity, the participant should be able to:

  • Explain the requirements for endoscopy processing rooms.
  • Implement evidence-based practices for processing flexible endoscopes.
  • Incorporate recommendations for cleaning verification and microbiological surveillance cultures for flexible endoscopes into perioperative quality assurance policies.
  • Recognize the need for education and competency verification of team members responsible for processing flexible endoscopes.