Workplace Safety in a Perioperative Setting

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Year Produced: 2015
Length: 47 min.
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The goal of this independent study program is to educate members of the perioperative team about important factors that influence workplace safety and recommended practices for minimizing safety risks.

Upon completion of this activity, the participant should be able to:

  • Define ergonomics and summarize the high-risk tasks that may adversely affect ergonomic safety in a perioperative environment
  • Summarize the risks associated with physical hazards, such as fire, electrical equipment, compressed gases, ionizing radiation, and workplace spills
  • Describe the chemical risk assessment, the importance of functional eye wash stations, and precautions to take for relevant chemical hazards
  • Explain risks and risk prevention strategies relating to biological hazards, such as percutaneous injury, exposure to bodily fluids, and toxic surgical smoke