Perioperative Care of the Older Adult - Part 2: Addressing Patient Conditions and Intraoperative Concerns

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Product ID: 2004
Year Produced: 2021
Length: 20 min.
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After completing this study guide and viewing the accompanying video, the perioperative registered nurse (RN) and other perioperative team members will have increased their understanding of the challenges related to perioperative care of older adults. Team members can use this knowledge to improve patient safety, contribute to positive outcomes, and to improve satisfaction for older surgical patients.

Upon completion of this activity, the participant will be able to:

  • Account for age-related physical changes when positioning older adults
  • Minimize the risk for intraoperative hypothermia
  • Treat cognitively impaired patients with dignity and empathy
  • Recognize signs of postoperative delirium
  • Recognize patient concerns related to postoperative functional decline