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Polysoft. The Preperitoneal Patch by Anterior Approach

Edouard P. Pelissier, MD, FACS

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Product ID: ACS-2502
Year Produced: 2006
Length: 14 min.
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Thanks to a memory-ring Polysoft is placed in the preperitoneal space by inguinal approach, via the hernia orifice. The operation is performed under spinal or local anesthesia. In direct hernia the transversalis fascia is incised. Preperitoneal blunt dissection is carried out via the fascia opening. The patch is introduced through the opening and spread by handling the memory-ring with the finger, while the patient is straining. The fascia is then repaired by a continuous suture, taking the patch. External oblique aponeurosis is repaired in front of the cord. In indirect hernia the sac is dissected and reduced. Preperitoneal dissection is carried out via internal orifice. The patch is split and introduced via internal orifice. The branches of the split are passed around the cord and spread underneath the transverse muscle. The patch is fixed by one stitch taking successively the muscles from superficial to deep aspect, both branches and again the muscle from deep to superficial aspect, so as the branches make a tie around the cord. Polysoft, restores internal ring, oblique course of the cord and normal anatomy. Polysoft placed through the hernia orifice, associates advantages of the preperitoneal patch and anterior inguinal incision under local or spinal.