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Recurrent Elbow Sarcoma: Reconstruction with Pedicled Radial Forearm Flap

Maria E. Peña, MD; Ana L. Campos Arbulú, MD; Emmanuel E. Sadava, MD; Juan M. Fernandez Vila, MD; Norberto A. Mezzadri, MD, FACS

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Year Produced: 2018
Length: 9 min.
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We present a thirty-eight year-old female patient with a history of a 6 cm fibroblastic sarcoma of the left elbow. She was treated with neoadjuvant radiotherapy and radical resection in 2014. The pathology report showed a 3,4 cm myxoinflamatory fibroblastic sarcoma. She consulted two years later with an indolent nodule in the previous scar. The MRI showed a 1 cm subcutaneous mass without joint involvement. An excisional biopsy was taken. With a diagnosis of local recurrence of elbow sarcoma, a radical resection and reconstruction with pedicled radial forearm flap was performed. The postoperative period was uneventful and she was discharged on day one. The pathology report confirmed myxoinflamatory fibroblastic sarcoma. After one year of follow up the patient remains disease free.