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Intersecting Linear and Circular Staple Lines

Felicien M. Steichen

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Product ID: ACS-1710
Year Produced: 1991
Length: 25 min.
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This video demonstrates the intersection of a linear closure by a circular stapled anastomosis. It also presents: a) low anterior resection with anterior perineal coloanal anastomosis showing intersection of a linear anorectal closure by a circular anastomosis (double stapling technique of Knight and Griffen); b) colosigmoidectomy and circular end-to-end stapled colorectal anastomosis, demonstrating the intersection of two rectum and colon linear staple closures by one circular anastomosis (triple stapling technique); c) modified Duhamel Procedure, showing the intersection of a stapled linear closure by a circular anastomosis in two different locations and of two circular anastomoses by linear (GIA) lines; d) coloanal anastomosis by combined abdominal and anterior perineal approach of R. Welter.