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Laser-Assisted Endovascular Retrieval of a Hook-Embedded Gunther Tulip Vena Cava Filter

Michael R. Arnold, MD; Mark L. Lessne, MD; Bradley W. Thomas, MD, FACS; Michael Jo. Avery, BS; Peter E. Fischer, MD; Ashley B. Christmas, MD, FACS; Ronald F. Sing

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Product ID: ACS-5677
Year Produced: 2018
Length: 6 min.
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37 year old male referred following failed retrieval of a Vena Cava filter. The filter was in-situ for 12 months following insertion for DVT with contraindication to anticoagulation for TBI. At the initial removal attempt, the filter was ensnared but the surgeon was unable to disengage the struts from the IVC wall. The traction applied during that procedure straightened the retrieval hook on the filter and the procedure was aborted. After referral, the filter was ensnared around the neck of the filter and the filter was pulled into the sheath. The laser was engaged, ablating the tissue of the Vena Cava wall. Post retrieval cavogram showed no leak. The patient was discharged home without complication.