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McIndoe Neovagina for Vaginal Agenesis

John B. Gebhart, MD

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Product ID: ACS-2835
Year Produced: 2009
Length: 11 min.
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Vaginal agenesis is an uncommon congenital anomaly of the female reproductive tract that results in agenesis of the uterus and vagina. While these patients remain infertile, the potential for coital function does not exist unless creation of a neovagina is performed. Our goal is to educate the viewer on the surgical techniques employed in creation of a neovagina, utilizing the McIndoe procedure, for patients with vaginal agenesis.

Brief case introduction with video footage outlining the procedural steps.

Video footage of a McIndoe procedure for vaginal agenesis is shown demonstrating the intraoperative techniques and surgical outcome.

A number of options exist to create a neovagina in patients with vaginal agenesis. The McIndoe procedure, with proper patient selection and when properly executed, results in a functional vagina for patients with vaginal agenesis.