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First Assisting Principles

Product Details
Product ID: FA-02
Year Produced: 2008
Length: 26 min.
Contact Us: 1-800-253-7657

Assisting at surgery not only requires mastery of technical skills, but also the ability to use your senses to provide proficient and accurate assistance. This DVD covers body mechanics, mirroring the surgeon, instrument selection and ways to enhance your effectiveness using your body's natural faculties.

This DVD also includes the First Assistant Success Concepts Lecture: 10 Ways to Perfect Your Assisting Skills.

DVD Topics

  • Introduction
  • Big Circle/Little Circle
  • Mirroring The Surgeon
  • Use Your Voice & Focus on the Field
  • Select Proper Retractors
  • Traction & Counter-traction
  • First Assistant to Everyone
  • Body Mechanics: Stance, Posture, Retraction
  • Transferring From Temporary to Permanent Hemostasis
  • Ten Way to Perfect Your Skills

First Assistant Success Concepts: 10 Ways to Perfect Your Assisting Skills

  • Pre-Practice All Techniques
  • No Wasted Moves or Motions
  • Anticipate
  • Two Hands - 10 Fingers
  • Assist Don't Inhibit
  • Think Team
  • Know Your Limits
  • Practice To Improve
  • Watch & Learn
  • Take Notes