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CME Mission Statement

Ciné-Med, Inc. is committed to develop, manage and deliver the highest quality education for physicians, nurses and other health care professionals. Ciné-Med strives to improve and enhance health care, through educational opportunities, so that physicians, nurses and other health care professionals may maintain and continuously improve their competence and performance to provide the most advanced health care to their patients. It is Ciné-Med's intent to become a leader in professional evidence-based medical education by maintaining the integrity and availability of its programs by adhering to the highest standards of adult education principles and theories.

Program Goals

Within the context of its mission statement, Ciné-Med is dedicated to the following goals:


The scope of Ciné-Med sponsored programs and events will encompass basic and clinical science, practice management and medical ethics, through self-funding, commercial support, joint sponsorship and directly sponsored activities.

Target Audience

Educational activities will be directed toward audiences comprised of physicians, nurses and other health care professionals dedicated to improving patient outcomes.

Types of Activities

Educational activities offered by Ciné-Med will be implemented using techniques such as, didactic presentations, live conferences and workshops, symposiums and enduring materials including self-contained home study, print media, new electronic media, video and Internet applications.

Expected Results of the Program

Educational activities developed by Ciné-Med are intended to enhance physicians, nurses and other health care professionals growth and performance in cognitive, procedural and humanistic areas for the purpose of improving the quality of patient care. Through qualitative and quantitative methods, Ciné-Med expects its targeted audience will report greater confidence in their approach to clinical problems or express their behavior and apply newly acquired strategies in their practice. When observed our targeted audience will demonstrate competencies and an increase in performance based on the effective use of acquired skills and techniques. When evaluated in the setting of clinical practice, we expect performance parameters to show improvement or a favorable impact on targeted patient outcomes.

Future Goals

During the next several years, by continuing to provide the highest quality education to physicians, nurses and other health care professionals, Ciné-Med's Continuing Education program will be consistent with the corporate mission of addressing unmet medical needs while providing health care solutions that enable people to live longer, healthier and more productive lives.