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Ciné-Med Continuing Education

With over 30 years of experience in the design of continuing education programming, Ciné-Med unites the latest technology with expert faculty resources to provide the planning, development, and on-site management for workshops, multimedia instruction, hands-on trainings, and interactive media programs.

Ciné-Med is recognized by the ACCME, ANCC and ACPE to be among the first organizations to receive joint accreditation as a provider of continuing education for health care team.

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Ciné-Med is accredited by the following organizations to provide continuing education:

Ciné-Med also offers continuing education opportunities for other healthcare audiences such as dietitians, surgical technologists, radiologists and emergency medical technicians. Please inquire regarding other disciplines of accredited continuing medical education.

Education Stakeholders

Delivering a medical training program today requires the contributions of five stakeholders. Restrictions imposed by regulatory actions make it very difficult for these stakeholders to interact directly. Ciné-Med provides the fiscal, technical and logistical support necessary to facilitate the collaboration of each stakeholder in delivery of effective training programs of high clinical integrity, while demonstrating a return on the investment of corporate supporters.

Ciné-Med offers its clients professional expertise in creating continuing education programs designed to enhance the skills of qualified physicians. From program development to providing logistical support, Ciné-Med has vast experience in managing the complex relationships involved in conducting on-site medical training programs.

Return on Education (ROE)

Ciné-Med offers corporate sponsors the opportunity to continue their support of health care education through our programs. These programs assist corporate sponsors in delivering physician education while maintaining the relationships important to their business. Ciné-Med strengthens these relationships by facilitating ethical business interactions between corporate sponsors, physician faculty, physicians seeking continuing education, medical facilities and medical societies.

Continuing Education Committee

Brian Mozelak, MS, CCMEP

Adrian Maung, MD

Susan Thibeault, MS, CRNA, CLNC, CCRN, CFRN, EMT-P

Lori J. Sconziano, PharmD