SAGES Pearls: Laparoscopic Splenectomy

Editor: Jonathan A. Myers, MD, FACS; Co-Editors: Michael B. Ujiki, MD, FACS; Noel Williams, MD

Product Details
Product ID: MS1217
Year Produced: 2014

This program presents methods of performing laparoscopic splenectomy, with both the traditional minimally invasive approach, as well as hand-assisted.

  • Patient Positioning
  • Trocar, Handport Placement
  • Takedown of Splenic Flexure
  • Mobilization of Short Gastric, Splenorenal, Gastrosplenic Ligaments (Energy Devices)
  • Hilar Dissection (Endoscopic Stapler, Clips, etc)
  • Specimen Extraction
Trissa Babrowksi, MD
Paul Balash, MD
Michael Edye MD, FRACS, FACS
Jonathan A. Myers, MD, FACS
Alex Nagle, MD, FACS
Michael B. Ujiki, MD, FACS
Noel Williams, MD
Jin Zhao, MD