SAGES Pearls: Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair

Editor: Daniel B. Jones, MD

Product Details
Product ID: MS1214
Year Produced: 2007

Steps of the Repair

  1. Patient Preparation
  2. Port Position
  3. Creation of Working Space
  4. Identification of Anatomy
  5. Appearance of Direct, Indirect or Femoral Hernia
  6. Dissection of Sac
  7. Tack of Inverted Direct "Sac" to Minimize Seroma Formation
  8. Mesh Selection and Preparation
  9. Placement
  10. Securing Mesh
  11. Closure of Peritoneum
  12. Release of Pneumoperitoneum
  13. Closure of Port Sites and Skin
Horacio Asbun, MD
L. Michael Brunt, MD
David S. Edelman, MD
James C. Ellsmere, MD
Edward Felix, MD
Daniel B. Jones, MD
Steven Schwaitzberg, MD
Richard Vazquez, MD