SAGES Pearls: Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication

Editor: Horacio Asbun, MD

Product Details
Product ID: MS1109
Year Produced: 2004

Steps of the Repair

  1. Patient positioning and trocar placement
  2. Liver retraction
  3. Approach to the hiatus
  4. Short gastric vessels
  5. Creating the window behind the esophagus
  6. Hiatal defect repair
  7. Passing the bougie
  8. Passing the stomach behind the esophagus
  9. Creating the wrap
Horacio Asbun, MD
David Easter, MD
David Edelman, MD
Ninh Nguyen, MD
Brant Oelschlager, MD
Carlos Pellegrini, MD
Barry Salky, MD