Advanced Trauma Operative Management Companion Book, CD-ROM, and Course Fee

Lenworth Jacobs, MD; Stephen Luk, MD

Product Details
Product ID: ATOM02
Year Produced: 2010


This 2nd edition is completely updated with new procedures, illustrations and expert tips on atypical, complex trauma cases designed for trauma surgeons encountering atypical, complex trauma cases. More than 50 international master trauma surgeons have collaborated to share their personal experiences in safely managing penetrating operative trauma.


The CD-ROM includes specially produced, operative video, narrated by Lenworth Jacobs, MD, coinciding with the ATOM course.

Course Fee

The Advanced Trauma Operative Management (ATOM) course is an effective method of increasing surgical competence and confidence in the operative management of penetrating injuries to the chest and abdomen.

The course consists of six 30-minute lectures followed by a three-hour lab session during which the student will manage 12 different injuries.