Total Intracorporeal Laparoscopic Excision of a Choledochal Cyst with Roux-en-Y Reconstruction

Anthony Chin, MD; Steven S. Rothenberg, MD

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Year Produced: 2008
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Introduction: A ten year old female presents with a 7 year history of abdominal colic and vomiting. This had increased in intensity over the last year and associated with mild jaundice (Total bilirubin =4.4 mg/dL). Her diagnostic workup revealed a choledochal cyst.

Methods: Through a total abdominal intracorporeal technique, the choledochal cyst was excised. The bilary system was then reconstructed with a Roux-en-Y choledochal jejunostomy.

Results: The patient recovered well and was discharged home on post-operative day 5. She had complete resolution of her symptoms and normalization of her bilirubin levels.

Conclusion: Total intracorporeal laparoscopic excision of a choledochal cyst is feasible and safe in the pediatric patient. It should be considered as an alternative approach to the surgical management a choledochal cyst.