Laparoscopic Resection of Giant Hemangioma of the Liver

Horacio Asbun, MD; Pascal R. Fuchshuber, MD, PhD

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Year Produced: 2008
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Introduction: The patient is a 51 year old woman with a history of recurrent episodes of severe right upper quadrant pain, not associated with meals. Symptoms did worsen in right sided decubitus position. Repeat CT scans revealed an enlarging, now 9.8 cm, hemangioma in the posterior segments of the right lobe of the liver. Comorbidities include HTN.

Methods: The patient underwent a laparoscopic exploration and resection of a liver hemangioma.

Results: The patient has had no operative complications and her postoperative course was unremarkable. She was discharged home on postoperative day three.

Conclusion: This case illustrates the technical challenges of a laparoscopic resection of a large liver hemangioma located in the posterior segments of the right liver.