Right Hepatectomy and Adrenalectomy En Bloc For HCC With Methastasis and Vena Cava Resection

Guido De Sena, MD; Francesco Chianese, MD; Carlo Molino, MD; Francesco La Rocca, MD; Maurizio Castriconi, MD; Emilio Manno, MD; Luigia Romano, MD; Roberto Farina, MD; Luigi Occhiochiuso, MD

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Sometimes en bloc liver resection with adjacent organs is technically feasible. The authors refer on a case of a 62 year old with a HCC ,right adrenal gland metastasis and inferior cava vein infiltration. We performed an en bloc hepatectomy and adrenalectomy and cava vein resection. The patient was discharged in 12 days. We consider this treatment very surgically advanced.The literature review shows only one case published.