Extended Right Lobectomy in Gallbladder Carcinoma after Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Enrique Moreno Gonzalez, MD, PhD, FACS (Hon); Almudena Moreno Elola-Olaso, MD; Yilian Fundora, MD; Felix Cambra, MD

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Year Produced: 2006
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Due to the large number of laparoscopic cholecystectomy done during the last 10 years. Diagnosis of gallbladder adenocarcinoma remain uncertain and the indication of radical surgical treatment still in controversy. The patient received a laparosocopic cholecystectomy. The microscopic examination showed small adenocarcinoma. One month later the patient was sent to us. No recurrence was shown. An extended right lobectomy was selected as treatment. The Video shows the different steps of the operation with special remarks to the frozen section, biliary tract resection, lymphadenectomy and reconstruction by left cholangio-jejunostomy. The postoperative period was uneventfull. The patient was followed for two years without any complication remaining in goof health situation.