Right Hepatectomy Extended to Segments IV and I for Metastasis of Bronchial Carcinoid

Gennaro Nuzzo, Felice Giuliante, Ivo Giovannini

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Product ID: ACS-2080
Year Produced: 1997
Length: 10 min.
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We present the case of a 39 year old male, submitted 8 years earlier to pulmonary lobectomy for bronchial carcinoid and bearing now a huge hepatic metastasis. This was involving the whole right liver, the IV and I segments, with the retrohepatic vena cava entirely compressed by the tumor, and the hepatic hilum completely stretched and flattened between the caudate lobe and the anterior growth of the tumor. Because of the small size of segment II and III, a right portal embolization was performed to induce hypertrophy of the left lobe. Three weeks later, a 15% increase in the size of II and III was found on CT scan and the patient underwent surgery.