Right Hepatectomy Extended to the First Segment in Total Vascular Exclusion for Neoplasias First and Eighth Segment

Lorenzo Capussotti, Hedayat Bouzari, Vincenzo Vergara, Roberto Polastri

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Product ID: ACS-2066
Year Produced: 1996
Length: 15 min.
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This video presents the case of a 60 year old man with a large neoplastic lesion involving the liver segments I and VIII just at the joining of the suprahepatic veins with the caval vein. We particularly emphasize the isolation of the tumor from the caval vein and the median suprahepatic vein, the hepatic resection in a blood-free operating field due to TVE, and to intraoperative ultrasonography. This was performed both at the beginning of operation in order to plan the resection, and after resection in order to check the integrity of the vascular structures. We also show intraoperative cholangiography to assess patency of bile ducts and exclude biliary leakage.