Resection of Klastkin Tumor Extended to Left Lobe of the Liver (Including Segment I), Portal Vein and Hepatic Artery After Conservative Treatment

E. Moreno Gonzalez, I. Garcia Garcia, R. Gomez Sanz, M. Marcello Fernandez

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Year Produced: 1995
Length: 14 min.
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A jaundiced patient suffering from a Klastkin tumor, treated by Wallstent prosthesis six months previously, was reevaluated forsurgery due to multiple episodes of severe biliary sepsis. Multiple abscess in the left lobe of the liver were demonstrated with CT scanning. No extrahepatic spread was found. Through a right subcostal incision, the left portal vein and right hepatic artery were infiltrated. Resection of the extrahepatic biliary tract extended to the left lobe of the liver, segment I, portal vein and right hepatic artery, with the hepatic artery and portal vein being reconstructed. A right cholangiojejunostomy (Roux-en-Y) was performed.