The Scope of Infant Craniofacial Surgery (Frontal Orbital Advancement)

Mutaz B. Habal

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Product ID: ACS-1784
Year Produced: 1992
Length: 13 min.

Patients born with asymmetrical deformities, particularly around the orbital region, require early surgical correction, which involves operating on the cranium, orbit, and upper facial area. The procedure also involves surgery on the skeleton in order to correct the asymmetry and produce symmetrization of the facial structures. The components of the face are osteotomized utilizing a plating system which involves screws and plates so that the components remain in position. Floating of those components on a stable structure allows the central nervous system to grow in order to achieve the natural structural and developmental integrity of the compressed segments of the brain. The final outcome is usually symmetrization of the face and normal developmental status of the patient.