Laparoscopic Cholecystectomysolation for Hepatic Resection

Nathaniel J. Soper, Stanley W. Ashley, Jeffrey A. Barteau

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Product ID: ACS-1604
Year Produced: 1990
Length: 15 min.
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After insufflating the abdominal cavity with CO2, a video laparoscope is placed through an umbilical sheath. Two grasping forceps are placed through subcostal sheaths to elevate the gallbladder. An additional sheath is placed to the right of the falciform ligament, and the cystic duct and artery are bluntly dissected. Clips are applied to the cystic duct and artery; cholangiography is performed when indicated. The duct and artery are then divided, prior to removing the gallbladder from its fossa with monopolar electrocautery. The gallbladder is decompressed and removed in toto through the umbilical port.