Neonatal Cranio-Orbital Correction of the Unilateral Coronal Synostosis: The Plagiocephalic Deformity

Mutaz B. Habal

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Product ID: ACS-1574
Year Produced: 1989
Length: 15 min.

Recent global advances in the understanding of the etiologic basis of the unilateral coronal synostosis have been the major impetus for the development of the new techniques to correct the plagiocephalic deformity. Historical correction involved the removal of a strip of cranium from the involved site of the deformity. The form of release of the synostosis segment does not correct the orbital deformity. To obviate these problems and the need for a second stage operative procedure, a new technique was devised which was done on a neonate with plagiocephaly. The new diagnostic imaging helps us develop the best possible way to delineate the deformity, plan the operative procedure, and assess the outcome over a period of time.