Guide for Researchers in Surgical Education

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Product ID: RES100
Year Produced: 2010
Pages: 238
Dimensions: 10x7 in
ISBN: 978-0-9824514-7-2

This Guide is designed to meet the needs of those who work among surgeons and surgical trainees, who embrace the scientific method in their quest to improve the educational process. In addition to content on research design, execution, and analysis, the book also includes information on various types of research design, and use of simulation in surgical education research. There is also a chapter on one of the most important topics involving educational research - funding.

Book Discussion with Co-authors Donald A. Risucci, Ph.D. and Kevin C. Wolfe, Ph.D., New York Medical College

  1. Hot topics in surgical education research
  2. Development of research questions and hypotheses, independent and dependent variables
  3. Three essential steps for classifying educational research designs
  4. How to find and appraise publications in surgical education
  5. Institutional review boards and the surgical education researcher
  6. Teaching and learning about authorship and collaboration
  7. Sampling, sample size determination, and statistical power
  8. Validity: Giving meaning to assessments
  9. Survey designs
  10. The role of qualitative and mixed methods in surgical education research
  11. An overview of surgical education research involving simulation
  12. Data analysis
  13. Funding sources for education research
  14. Academic success as a surgical educator