Professionalism & Ethics in Surgical Practice

Eldo E. Frezza, MD, MBA, FACS

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Product ID: PROF01
Year Produced: 2008
Pages: 356
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ISBN: 978-0-9788890-6-7

The American Board of Surgery (ABS) has implemented a program of competencies required of surgeons for board certification and recertification. These competencies include professionalism, interpersonal, and communication skills.

This book is the perfect resource for training all surgeons, residents and medical practitioners to meet the goals of the ABS certification. Sixty-five highly skilled and professional surgeons share their knowledge on such important and timely topics as: teaching professionalism and ethics in the surgical profession, motivating oneself in the current professional and ethical environment, professional integrity and much more.

  • Why is Ethics in a Surgical Residency and Practice More Important Today?
  • The Challenge of the 21st Century: Teaching Professionalism and Ethics in the Surgical Profession
  • Ethics in the Medical Practice and the Hippocratic Oath
  • Resident Professionalism in the 80-hour Workweek Era
  • Physician Recognition and Appreciation
  • Recognizing Our Limitations
  • Communication With Patients About Medical Error
  1. Why is Ethics in a Surgical Residency and Practice More Important Today?
  2. The Obligation of Surgical Professionalism: What is the Value?
  3. Search for Ethics and Professionalism in the Surgical Professsion: A Historical, Literary, and Philosophical Perspective
  4. The Challenge of the 21st Century: Teaching Professionalism and Ethics in the Surgical Profession
  5. Navigating Into the Profession: Route to Authenticity
  6. Competence and Professionalism
  7. Commitment to Professional Competence
  8. Ethics in the Medical Practice and the Hippocratic Oath
  9. Surgical Professionalism and Political Advocacy for Our Mission
  10. Surgical Leadership in the 21st Century
  11. Real-Time Surgeon and Leader
  12. Motivating Oneself in the Current Professional and Ethical Environment
  13. Education in Professionalism: Strategies for Teaching
  14. Professionalism and the Shift Mentality in Residency
  15. Resident Professionalism in the 80-Hour Workweek Era
  16. Public Health and Professionalism
  17. Historical and Current Healthcare Environment
  18. The Physician Relationship With the Healthcare System
  19. Physician Recognition and Appreciation
  20. Physician Quality of Life
  21. Professional Integrity
  22. Relations With Colleagues (Talking or Not Talking About Them)
  23. Recognizing Our Limitations
  24. Diversity in Different Environments: Maintaining Professionalism
  25. Ethics and Professionalism in Rural Surgery
  26. Bioterrorism and Health Care
  27. Confidentiality in Professionalism
  28. Legal Aspects of Medical Professionalism: Effective Communication and Full Disclosure
  29. Patient Welfare and Patient Rights
  30. Commitment to Honesty With Patients
  31. Disclosing Medical Errors to Patients: A Challenge for Physicians
  32. Communicating With Patients About Medical Error: Ethics, the Law and Effective Communication
  33. The Problem of Nonadherence: The Noncompliant Patient and the Surgeon-Patient Relationsihp
  34. Discontinuing a Patient-Physician Relationship
  35. Clinical Research - Ethical and Professional Consideration
  36. Conflict of Interest
  37. Professionalism and Ethics in Transplantation
  38. Ethics in Laparoscopy - Concert or Contest
  39. Ethics in Biomedical Research With Examples in Multiple Myeloma and Cervical Cancer Vaccines
  40. Responsible Use of Animals in Research
  41. Professionalism and Ethics: Publications and Peer Review
  42. Relationships With Manufacturing Companies: What are the Rules?
Peter Angelos, MD, PhD
Nancy L. Ascher, MD, PhD
Kenneth Bark, MD
Richard H. Bell, Jr, MD
Russell S. Berman, MD
Gabriel J. Bietz, MD
Linda L. Blank
Henry Buchwald, MD, PhD
M. Kelley Bullard, MD
Jo Buyske, MD
John J. Castronuovo, Jr, MD
Ravi S. Chari, MD, MBA
Raffy H. Chilingerian, BBA, MS, CCRA
Maurizio Chiriva-Internati, MD
Everardo Cobos, MD
Shelby S. Cooper, MD
Edward M. Copeland, III, MD
T. Mark Earl, MD, MSci
David W. Easter, MD
Julie Ann Freischlag, MD
Eldo E. Freeza, MD, MBA
Thomas H. Gallagher, MD
Dana Garay, RN, JD, CPHRM
Ross F. Goldberg, MD
Michael A. Goldfarb, MD
Patrick Greiffenstein, MD
Ari Halldorsson, MD
Alden H. Harken, MD
Michael W. Hart, DVM, MS, DACLAM
Steven Heneghan, MD
Mark S. Hochberg, MD
Karen D. Horvath, MD
Aaron R. Jensen, MD
Michael S. Kavic, MD
Stephen M. Kavic, MD
Suzanne M. Kavic, MD
Terrence H. Liu, MD
Gary N. Mann, MD
Jeffrey B. Matthews, MD
Michele K. McElroy, MD
Eric J. Moskowitz, BA
David B. Nash, MD, MBA
J. Patrick O'Leary, MD
Rocco Orlando, III, MD
H. Leon Pachter, MD
Timothy M. Pawlik, MD, MPH
Carlos A. Pellegrini, MD
Marcel I. Perret-Gentil, DVM, MS
Carolyn D. Prouty, DVM
Lynn Randall, RN, BSN, MBA-HCM
Robert V. Rege, MD
John J. Ricotta, MD
John C. Russell, MD
Thomas R. Russell, MD
Michael G. Sarr, MD
Robert P. Sticca, MD
U. Mini B. Swift, MD
Sara L. Thier, MPH
Felicia Tucker-Lively, MPH
Erik G. Van Eaton, MD
Andrew L. Warshaw, MD
Wm. Lynn Weaver, MD
Robert L. Wroblewski, MD
Randall Zuckerman, MD
Joseph B. Zwischenberger, MD