Slim The Italian Way: A Weight-Loss Surgeon's Guide to Losing Weight

Eldo E. Frezza, MD, MBA, FACS

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Product ID: PE100
Year Produced: 2006
Pages: 147
Dimensions: 7x10 in
ISBN: 0-9749358-8-3

A common sense approach to weight loss using the principles of healthy eating inherent in the Italian daily diet. Nutrition, meal planning, portion control and other weight-loss strategies are discussed. Includes more than 50 of the author's own family recipes.

About the Author

Dr. Eldo Frezza was born and raised in Italy. He is currently professor and the Director of the Bariatric Weight Loss Center and Chief of General Surgery at Texas Tech University Health Science Center. In his practice he has treated thousands of patients for both their surgical and non surgical weight loss, as well as long-term weight management. Dr. Frezza is a member of the American Society of Bariatric Surgery, the American College of Surgeons and others. He is a regular contributor to major medical and scientific journals on the subject of bariatric surgery and weight-associated health issues.


  • Introduction: Eating Should Be Pleasant, Not to Inflict Guilt of Self-Loathing
  • Chapter 1: Honesty: The First Step Toward Losing Weight
  • Chapter 2: Real Expectations Will Yield Real Results
  • Chapter 3: Understanding How Your Stomach Works

The Italian Philosophy of Diet

  • Chapter 4: An Italian Discovering Italian Food in America
  • Chapter 5: The Italian Philosophy
  • Chapter 6: Italians Enjoy Their Food and Their Lives
  • Chapter 7: Childhoood Obesity: Lifestyle Is Inherited and Bequeathed

The Science of Food

  • Chapter 8: Foods That Make Us Feel Full
  • Chapter 9: Reasons We Overeat
  • Chapter 10: Lowering Calories to Lose Weight
  • Chapter 11: Food Pyramid and Daily Servings
  • Chapter 12: Hidden Calories and Holidy Feasts
  • Chapter 13: Good and Bad Foods
  • Chapter 14: Know Your Vegetables
  • Chapter 15: What Can We Eat Between Meals?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Diet!

  • Chapter 16: Getting Started: The First Few Weeks
  • Chapter 17: Let's Start to Change Our Daily Habits
  • Chapter 18: Stop Sugar Cravings
  • Chapter 19: Eating Out
  • Chapter 20: Let's Talk About Exercise
  • Chapter 21: Do What the Italians Do