The Omentum: Basic Research and Clinical Application

Harry S. Goldsmith

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Year Produced: 2010
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An interesting study of omental application for the treatment of degenerative neurological diseases and injuries, Goldsmith and colleagues present alternative uses for the rich blood supply found in the omentum. Treatment of spinal cord injuries, arachnoiditis, Moyamoya disease, cerebral ischemia, and Alzheimer disease are discussed.
  1. Historical Images and Ideas About the Greater Omentum
  2. Factors in the Omentum That Endow it With Healing Power
  3. Application of the Omentum to the Brain and Spinal Cord
  4. Experimental Study on Effects of Omental Transposition in Cats With Spinal Cord Injury
  5. Effect of the Omentum on Axonal Regeneration Following Complete Spinal Cord Transection
  6. Near-Total Transection of Human Spinal Cord: Functional Return Following Omentum-Collagen Reconstruction
  7. Lumbo-omental Shunt and its CSF Absorption Capacity: Experimental and Clinical Studies
  8. Pedicled Omental Lumbar Grafts for Lumbosacral Adhesive Arachnoiditis
  9. Application of Omental Transplantation to Moyamoya Disease
  10. Omental to Cerebral Transposition for the Treatment of Cerebral Ischemia
  11. Omental Transposition to the Ischemic Brain: A Critical Review of 60 Patients
  12. Omental Transposition for Treating the Sequelae of Viral Encephalitis: A Long-Term Follow-up of 54 Cases
  13. Omental Transposition Following Arachnoid Excision to Treat Post-Cerebral Anoxia (Cerebral Palsy)
  14. Omental Transposition to Bypass the Blood-Brain Barrier for Delivery of Chemotherapeutic Agents to Malignant Brain Tumors: Preclinical Investigation
  15. Omental Transposition to the Brain for Alzheimer's Disease
  16. Omental Transposition for Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease: Clinical Outcome and Future Therapeutic Interpretation
  17. Omental Transposition in Patients with Severe Visual Disturbances Due to Ischemia
  18. Perioperative Anesthetic Mangement for Omental Transposition to the CNS
Mitchel S. Berger, MD
Mathias Brandt, MD
Jack de la Torre, MD, PhD
Jiang Feng, MD
R. Lawrence Ferguson, MD
Junko Hara, PhD
R.A. Gettleman, MD
Robert S. Hattner, MD
S. Hendryk, MD, PhD
Xu-ming Hua, MD
Jun Karasawa, MD
C. Everett Koop, MD, ScD
D. Latka, MD
Jeffrey A. Lee, MD
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Dorothea Liebermann-Meffert, MD
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William R. Shankle, MS, MD
Yoshihito Shimada, MD
Ashok K. Singh, PhD
Gary K. Steinberg, MD, PhD
Hajime Touho, MD
Sigfreid Vogel, MD, PhD
Thomas Walz, MD
Phillip R. Weinstein, MD
Wei-Lie Wu, MD
Shun-quing Xu, MS
J. Zong, MD