The Surgical First Assistant

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Product ID: FA100
Year Produced: 2010
Pages: 216
Dimensions: 10.75x13.75 in
ISBN: 978-0-9824514-9-6

A complete guide to the role of surgical first assistant, this book covers the principles of assisting and teaches the fundamentals of the position.

Surgical knots, instrument handling, suturing techniques, dissecting techniques are demonstrated through photographs and step-by-step instruction. The book also includes a comprehensive section on surgical tasks that first assistants are expected to perform during surgery.

  1. The Surgical Concept
  2. The Role of the Surgical Assistant
  3. Basic Techniques
  4. Basic Principles
  5. Success Concepts for Assisting in Surgery
  6. Basic Techniques
  7. Surgical Knots
  8. Instrument-Handling Techniques
  9. Suturing Techniques
  10. Dissecting Techniques
  11. Surgical Tasks
    • Clamp, Clamp, Cut, Tie Method of Ligation
    • Tying Around a Clamp with the Tip Toward the Tying Practitioner
    • Tying Around a Clamp with the Tip Away from the Tying Practitioner
    • Pass, Pass, Cut, Tie Method of Ligating a Vessel
    • Passing Sutures
    • Applying Surgical Clips for Hemostasis
    • Pedicle Hemostasis
    • Correction of a Pedicle Within a Tissue Layer
    • Flashing a Clamp When Tying a Pedicle
    • Controlling Bleeding by Securing a Pedicle
    • Walking Down the Wound
    • Entering a Dense Tissue Layer
    • Dissecting Through Muscle and Tissue
    • Entering the Peritoneum
    • Wound Closure
  12. Procedure Within a Procedure
  13. The Surgical Assistant's Role in a Typical Surgical Procedure
  14. Where Do You Go From Here?