Title Length In
Year Produced
Two Port Removal of Large 20cm Ovarian Mucinous Cystadenoma 7 2020
Minimally Invasive Search for a Missing Vibrator 5 2020
Teaching and Improving Left-Hand Surgical Skills... Medical Student and Resident Guide to Basic Surgical Technique 11 2020
Keeping an Eye on the Enemy: Laparoscopic & Robotic Retroperitoneal Entry and Ureterolysis 6 2020
Resection of Retroperitoneal Myoma Presenting as an Adnexal Mass 6 2020
Didelphys Uterus: Total Robotic Hysterectomy 11 2020
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy with Intraoperative Indocyanine Green Fluorescence Cholangiography (ICG) in a 36 Weeks Pregnant Female 6 2020