Perioperative Nursing
Video Library
Perioperative Nursing
Video Library

AORN's Perioperative Nursing Video Library consists of a collection of videos with accompanying study guides and post tests that are designed to educate Perioperative Nurses in order to improve patient safety and outcomes. The library can be purchased by nurse educators who are tasked with educating teams of Perioperative Nurses. Categories of topics include: Aseptic Practices, Equipment and Product Safety, Patient and Worker Safety, Perioperative Patient Care Concepts, Sterilization and Disinfection, Management Concepts, and Specialty Perioperative Education

Post test certificates of completion (non CE) are included for all videos as well. Call 1-800-633-0004 to request a trial.

Nurse Educators

  • Buy full access to all 42 videos or choose just the videos you need
  • Access to new videos as they are released
  • PDF study guides
  • Online post tests with score tracking
  • PDF post test completion certificates (non CE)
  • Assign videos to users and track their test results
  • Unlimited user accounts - Subscriptions are per facility campus
  • IP authenticated access is also available if you do not want to setup usernames and passwords for your users. However, assignments, post test results, and certificates cannot be supported in this mode. Limits user logins to facility campus only.
How Subscriptions Work