Brought to you by AORN and Ciné-Med. AORN offers a comprehensive library of educational videos which can be purchased individually, as part of a video collection, or as an online subscription. The videos are ideal as staff training tools. Empowering your team with knowledge will lead to improved patient safety and outcomes.

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These videos are recommended for use in conjunction with AORN's Periop 101: A Core Curriculum™ for novice nurses. View Collections

AORN Periop101™ A Core Curiculum Videos

Customers of the AORN Periop101 A Core Curriculum™ will enjoy a significant discount when purchasing all the recommended videos to compliment the online modules.

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AORN Perioperative Online Video Library

AORN's Perioperative Nursing Video Library consists of a collection of videos with accompanying study guides and post tests that are designed to educate Perioperative Nurses in order to improve patient safety and outcomes. The library can be purchased by individuals or by nurse educators who are tasked with educating teams of Perioperative Nurses.

Post test certificates of completion (non CE) are included for all vidoes as well.

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