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Title Length In
Year Produced
Surgical Management In Hydatid Hepatic Cysts: What Makes The Difference 11 2018
Laparoscopic Segmental Small Bowel Resection for Meckel's Diverticulitis with Volvulus 12 2018
Laparoscopic Release of the Arcuate Ligament 4 2018
Laparoscopic Management of Kissing Gastric Ulcers Presenting with Perforation and Bleeding 7 2018
Laparoscopic Management of Simultaneous Acute Appendicitis and Volvulus of Neoplasm from Meckel's Diverticulum 6 2018
Robotic Surgery for the Treatment of Splenic Artery Aneurysm with Spleen Preservation and Vascular Reconstruction 8 2018
Robotic Laparoscopic Subtotal Gastrectomy for Chronic Duodenal Ulcer with Pyloric Stricture 8 2018
Robotic Partial Cholecystectomy: Technical Resources on Challenging Situations 7 2018
Laparoscopic Distal Gastrectomy with Intracorporeal Handsewn Billroth-I Anastomosis 6 2018
Laparoscopic Subtotal Resection of a Giant Right Hepatic Cyst 8 2018
Laparoscopic Techniques for Gastric Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor Resection 9 2018
Laparoscopic Billroth II for Recalcitrant Peptic Stricture 8 2018