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OB/GYN Assisting Techniques

Product Details
Product ID: FA-04
Year Produced: 2008
Length: 40 min.
Contact Us: 1-800-253-7657

Assisting during obstetric and gynecology procedures requires many of the same skills required during any open surgery. Commonly used stitches, intraoperative use of cutting and coagulating devices and methods of hemostasis are described.

This DVD also includes the First Assistant Success Concepts Lecture: 10 Ways to Perfect Your Assisting Skills.

DVD Topics

  • Introduction
  • Using the Knife (position of application & position of retrieval) Surgical Footage
  • Cutting Along a Clamp
  • Traction & Counter-traction
  • Blunt Dissection vs Sharp Dissection Surgical Footage
  • Assisting on Entering the Peritoneum
  • Cautery: Finger Control, Thumb Control, Rolling Positions, Past Pointing, Angle Tip
  • Placing Retractors – Contact Visualization Surgical Footage
  • Heaney Stitch
  • Modified Heaney Stitch
  • Transfixation Stitch
  • Tying Around a Clamp - Tip Towards
  • Tying Around a Clamp - Tip Away
  • Transferring From Temporary to Permanent Hemostasis /Flashing Surgical Footage
  • Skin Stapling Technique
  • Ten Ways to Perfect Your Skills

First Assistant Success Concepts: 10 Ways to Perfect Your Assisting Skills

  • Pre-Practice All Techniques
  • No Wasted Moves or Motions
  • Anticipate
  • Two Hands - 10 Fingers
  • Assist Don't Inhibit
  • Think Team
  • Know Your Limits
  • Practice To Improve
  • Watch & Learn
  • Take Notes