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Communication & Professionalism Competencies: A Guide for Surgeons
Pamela A. Rowland, PhD; Nicholas P. Lang, MD, FACS
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Product ID: COM100
Year Produced: 2007
Length: 318 pages
Dimensions: 7x10 in
ISBN: 978-0-9788890-1-2
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All too often, what is communicated either by word or action is not always translated accurately by the recipient. Communicating effectively with patients and colleagues takes thought and consideration. Communication & Professional Competencies is a well-balanced text of principles and practices for everyday interactions.

Topics Include

  • Communication as a Lifeline
  • Developing Communication Competency In Surgeons: A Recipe for Success
  • Professional Image: Physician Credibility
  • Physician Professionalism: More Than Book Smart
  • Adverse Outcomes: Successful Disclosure
  • Cultural Adaptability: Intercultural Techniques
  • Oral Presentations: Polishing Your Style
  • Case Presentations: Objective and Subjective
  • Oral Examinations: A Survival Guide
  • Critical Care: The Unknown
  • Asking for Tissues and Organs: Balancing Needs
  • Children: Monosyllabic Conversations
  • Gerontology: Speaking with the Older Patient
  • Chemical Interference: Under the Influence
  • Physicians as Patients: Scared Silly
  • Telemedicine: Without Touch
  • Bad News: Speaking Clearly
  • Conflict: The Skilled Response
  • Litigation: When Things Go Wrong
  • Talking with the Press: Why Bother?
  • Residency, Fellowship and Employment Interviews: Important Impressions

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