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Title Length In
Year Produced
Double Aortic Arch - The Minimally Invasive Management of the Newborn: A Call for the 3D CT Scan 7 2015
Laparoscopic Resection of a Splenic Epidermoid Cyst in a Pediatric Patient 4 2015
Thoracoscopic Excision of a Left Superior Mediastinal Mass With Extension Into The Neck: A Step by Step Approach 8 2015
A Shocking Discovery: An Interesting Case of Buckyball Retrieval 6 2015
Laparoscopic Resection of Large Obstructive Peutz-Jeghers Duodenal Polyp 7 2015
Transumbilical Incision for Open Appendectomy 5 2015
Endoscopic Web Localization for Laparoscopic Duodenal Web Excision 4 2015
"Double Endoscopy" as a Method of Establishing a Neopylorus in Inadvertent Permanent Stapled Pyloric Exclusion after Gunshot Wound 3 2015
Transatlantic Telementoring with Pediatric Surgeons: Technical Considerations and Lessons Learned 5 2015